Large, open dining room with a map on the wall

These Dramatic Before & Afters, Will Leave You Wanting To Decorate Immediately!

Have you ever wondered what a design service can really do for you?  I’m Sun Ah Brock Co-owner of LUX decor, and in this blog I would like to share with you some of our greatest make overs, and how we helped these clients transform their spaces.

As you may have recently seen in our Mother’s day mini-series,  Anna Krista invited us back into her home to revisit the rooms that we decorated over the past few years.   In the video, you see the dramatic before and afters of her spaces.  It is not because Anna Krista doesn’t have excellent taste, it is sometimes a question of where to start.   How do I mount a budget, where do I go to get the items, am I going to make an expensive mistake,   how do I take my Pinterest board and make it come to life?   This entire process can be for some, quite daunting.  Instead of making progress slowly, sometimes rooms stay empty for a long time. When Anna Krista decided to finally make the dive to use a design service she called LUX decor, and dove in head first. Why did she choose her bedroom as her first project? She felt that she needed a quiet space to unwind and read a book, and wanted start with a room that seemed more manageable.     

Dark bedroom with a brown wall
Brown bench at the end of the bed

Her bedroom, as featured, started off quite bare, our first step was to discuss her colour theme (in this case it was neutral), what type of wood she liked, size bed etc. Once we chose all the pieces, we delivered them all in one day, and voila here is the result.

Dark dining room with red walls
Modern dining with a spherical chandelier above the table

Her dining room, was equally in need of a makeover. The red walls were once in style at the time they were painted, but now she wanted something fresh, and furniture that would fit in scale with her growing family.   As you can see with new paint, a fresh design perspective,  new furniture, curtains and accessories This room  was transformed into something fresh out of a magazine. 

Dark family room with a piano in the corner
Modern living room with a focus on two gray chairs

Anna Krista’s living room was such a beautiful space to work with. Long and lean, we needed to create two spaces, and managed to pimp up an Ikea unit by painting the back blue, adding crown molding to give it a custom finish. Complete, this living room, now has more furniture (of the right scale) but doesn’t feel as crowded as it did before.  

Dark room with a statue on a shelf
Modern living room containing a bright white couch with a picture above it

Then we move onto my Friend Tanya’s house.  We worked to refresh her living room, by incorporating already existing pieces, combined with new.   In this living room, we completely flipped the furniture and put the emphasis on the feature wall.  This means when walking into her home, we would see the beautiful wall art with the sofa, and some beautiful accent pillows.   This is an important tip, always think about how you will walk into a room, and make sure that, what you see is the most beautiful part of the space.

Dark master bedroom with the lamps on
Large blue bed with a white blanket on it inside the master bedroom

In this Bedroom our client, wanted a complete makeover. She felt her space was too dark and empty. Her goal was for it to feel peaceful and cozy (our number one request for bedrooms is for it to be peaceful). By going more neutral on the bedding and curtains, putting more furniture and mixing patterns, this bedroom went from dark and gloomy, to bright airy, and fresh!

Dark living room with a television above the fireplace
Large open living room with a television above the fireplace

Monica was so thrilled with her rooms decorated by LUX decor that when she moved, she built her rooms in her new house around the furniture!  Check out how drapes, accessories and a cohesive design can really elevate a space.  This living room, now feels polished and complete.

Dark bed inside a bedroom
Modern gray bed within a master bedroom

Monica’s bedroom is so highly admired that we think it is a combination of the mix of textures,  the settee, and the chandelier.   The old wood furniture made the room feel more country, as soon as we put the upholstered headboard, the room went from dull to sophisticated. 

Dining room with a map on the wall

Make over tips:

1) Make sure when you walk into your room, that you always put your best foot forward. The rooms “wow factor” should be the first thing you see;

2) Choose the right scale of furniture, this will actually allow your space to look larger;

3) Stay neutral on walls and bedding, and add pops of colours in pillows, and accents to make your room last longer;

4) Choose one room at a time to transform, and do it properly. This will allow you to see real progress;

5) Make sure to save budget for your furniture when doing a renovations… the furniture is really the icing on the cake (the part everyone enjoys the most).

As always, thank you for reading!

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