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Try this At Home! Lux Decor IKEA Hacks, Bookshelf Edition!

The process of searching for the perfect statement bookshelf isn’t easy. Finding “wow” items for a room — within a very specific budget — takes some creative thinking, to say the least.

To help our clients get the Lux Decor look for less, we’ve become at experts at IKEA hacking over the years. We’re feeling generous and have decided to reveal our top-secret bookshelf hack method.  

Warning: ultimate shelf decoration inspo inside! #ShelfSwoon

Living Room, Beaconsfield Project, Designed by LUX decor

STEP 1: Make a list, check it twice! 

For the ultimate IKEA bookshelf hack, here’s what you need:

-Billy Bookcase, White, 55.00$ 
-Billy Height Extension Unit, White
-Oxberg Door, White, 30.00$
-Custom handles (see some one of our favourite handles right here and here.)
-Crown moldings
-Paint (if the back shelves are being extra-customized!)
-IKEA-savvy partner in crime 

STEP 2: Get your necessities ready… 

-Measure your space well, checking ceiling heights as well as horizontal dimensions
-Enter the inspiration phase: scour Pinterest for your favourite looks to see if you want doors or no doors, a dash of colour, or ornate
-Once you’ve purchased your bookshelves (pro tip: don’t brave IKEA on a Saturday), you’ll need to put everything together. Get your IKEA-patient buddy on the job
-Make sure you have all of your tools and materials handy
-Pour a cup of coffee (or wine)
-Put on your favorite playlist
-When it’s time to build, this post at centsational style will walk you through the steps!

STEP 3: Relax, and relish in your mastery 

Living Room, Beasconfield Project, Designed by LUX decor

Adding crown moldings  to the shelves gives them an added touch of elegance, perfect for a swanky space like this one. Simple white shelves give ample opportunity for creativity and function: baskets to store blankets, and cubbies to house showcase books and candles. By adding a layer of colorful paint to this bookcase, you give it your personal flair and add depth and dimension. This piece is like a classic hutch that’s been reimagined to fit a more modern era, the perfect backdrop for a vibrant family in their gathering space.

Living Room, Senneville Project, Designed by LUX decor

Party upstairs, function downstairs! By adding a dash of colour to these shelves, we transform an IKEA piece into something that feels personal. Who wouldn’t want to showcase their beautiful family photos on this shelf, and store their “special event” dishes here?

Living Room, Pierrefonds Project, Designed by LUX decor

Floating shelves can be tricky — but when done right — add an elegant airiness to modern spaces, and provide the perfect home base for the stuff that makes your space yours: pictures of your family, your travel, your pets…

Bedroom, Terrebonne Project, Designed by LUX decor

Brushing a bright splash of mint green paint on this wooden shelf added the perfect level of playfulness in this kid’s playroom. Like the look of this room? Check out our full feature here.

As always, thank you for reading!

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