Massive master bedroom with a large blue bed

Dare To Dream: Best Lux Decor Bedrooms Of All Time

4 bedrooms, 4 different ways.

The bedroom is likely the room where you will spend most of your time actually living. As such, the space should be an accurate representation of your style. The good news? The options are endless. From saturated to muted colors, from cool and modern, to warm and cozy styles — you have the power to decide.

Now that nesting season is in full swing, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look back on some of our showpiece bedrooms. Prepare to be overcome with #DesignEnvy!

Classic Cozy Quarters

Blue bed with white blankets inside a large bedroom

This strong yet light master bedroom is to die for. We are living for the perfect balance of bright white with dark accessories. You will see that crisp white sheets are a common theme for us — there’s nothing quite like that hotel bed feel, isn’t there? Plus, you can still showcase your personality with fun touches throughout the space!

Minty Fresh With A Twist

We’re in love with this chic, feminine bedroom. Check out the dainty chandelier, standing out perfectly with the striped wall pattern. The mint, white, and neutrals are working with each other, not against each other in this gorgeous space. There is no place like home — especially when your home looks like this!

Calming Safe Haven

Don’t you just want to kick back and read a book in this wonderful, traditional-style bedroom? Warm hues and cozy fabrics are define this space. Crisp white sheets look oh-so tidy paired with strong wood accessories. How easy on the eyes!

Pop of Color Paradise

Blue themed bedroom with red pillows

Our clients make our work easy sometimes. Check out this arched indentation in the centre of this bedroom wall — talk about perfect! We are still swooning over the strong navy and white combined with touches of hot pink. The large window and mirror bedside tables make sure there is no shortage of light in this bright white rooms.

How you decorate your bedroom is completely up to you — no matter what style you most identify with. The beauty is in the endless possibilities, and you can change it up whenever you want! The only catch? It’s up to you to make your bed every day.

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