Full-Service Renovation

Full Service Renovation

Our full-service renovation service

This service starts by assessing your design needs and a discussion on what is involved in a full renovation, an extension or a new construction.

The Process includes:

  • Evaluating budgets, needs and reviewing existing plans while guiding clients through choices by walking through the entire steps required through a renovation project
  • We take photos and measurements to make sure we have everything we need to begin your project
  • We coordinate a meeting with a contractor and or architect to get the initial process rolling
  • We provide all detailed interior design drawings for construction, demolition, electrical, finish plans & custom millwork drawings
  • We provide all aesthetic choices for client and organize multiple meetings to look at materials together in order of priority for the contractor
  • We coordinate the process of getting a quote with a contractor, and make sure information is complete in order to get everything aligned for demolition
  • We also include a mandatory project management fee on our quote, as this is an important element for the project to run smoothly

Pricing for a “Full-Service Renovation” is by quote. The DECOR part of this project is quoted separately after the Full-Service Renovation has progressed substantially.  

*Add on our “Finishing Service” to complete your renovation project in order to enjoy a completely turn-key service.

Full Servce Renovation Decor


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