Woman standing inside a living room containing a large amount of pictures

WOW–Hello LUX-ury! Take a Tour of Adam and Leslie’s Classic, Open, and Chic Family Home!

When Adam and Leslie approached us for help updating their living room and dining room, we knew just what they needed: a pair of connected spaces that would be fashionable–AND functional!

When designing for Adam and Leslie, everything was picked to strike a balance between WHERE did you get that? And functional pieces that aren’t afraid of a young child and her friends. I don’t believe you have to choose between luxurious and family friendly–you can have both!

Girl laying on a long chair

Adam and Leslie’s home is airy and open–which meant that when working together, we had to make sure their new rooms still matched the rest of their space. White paint, neutral colours, and rich, deep brown touches to match their floors are what draw it all together.

Wall covered in bookcases inside the living room

Comfortable and elegant are synonymous with the pieces we chose. Between breezy, light white curtains, soft grey walls, and a striking white extended baseboard, when you walk into Adam and Leslie’s dining room you feel welcome.

The glossy finish on the table, as well as the sleek and shiny chandelier, add some modern class to the space to pull it all together. Wow!

Don’t be afraid of patterns! The chairs we selected for the living room feature a simple monochromatic pattern to die for–and the little hint of patterned fabric really pops against the solid colours of the other furniture.

Next, we tackled their living room together–more of that cozy elegance! We made sure the space was used to its full potential by mixing together a warm grey couch, the chaise lounge, the patterned chairs, and a pair of grey stools. Sitting room abound! Perfect for entertaining friends and playmates alike.

Gold accents draw your eye, like here, where we added a touch of chic luxury with simple and shiny gold frames mixing in with the white and brown. Mixing up the shapes and sizes of the artwork creates an eclectic vibe that works well with the rest of the room.

How do you bring it all together? With the right finishes! Sticking to the same colour palette as the rest of the rooms meant that we were free to decorate the living room’s shelves with an eclectic mix of decorations, books, and family photos. Want to learn how to do this yourself? Check out our IKEA hacks blog post!

Check out that gorgeous driftwood, or the eye-catching golden bicycle!

Old books are great go-tos for aesthetically pleasing space fillers, and the gold accents make a return on the covers of the ones we chose. If a book’s cover isn’t the right colour, you can always create appropriate dust jackets to ensure everything goes together just right.

Some old books, butcher paper, and a glossy black jug, stacked artfully: an artfully simple way to jazz up an empty shelf!

In addition to being decorative, we made space on Adam and Leslie’s new shelves for storage as well. Can you see where? Check out those wicker baskets down at the bottom! Decorative baskets are ideal for keeping shelf storage uncluttered and eye-pleasing.

The dining room decorations follow the same principle, and faux flowers finish it off for a lovely, chic, open, and livable family home they can show off with pride!

Pulling this look together is harder than it looks — but it’s fun for us! Working with a designer to do the finishing touches can make help bring your space to the next level.

As always, thank you for reading!

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