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Tips and Tricks on Styling the Perfect Dining Room

As we reach the peak of this year’s holiday season, many of us are spending a significant amount of time in our dining spaces with family and friends, surrounded by lots of good food. Because of this, some of us have started to reassess our spaces. It’s only natural to feel somewhat overwhelmed at the

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Tips on Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

Winter has officially arrived; all the telltale signs are here. The neighbourhood trees are bare, the sky is a dark shade of grey and the brutal December wind has made its return, leaving us longing for summer. With the months of colder weather ahead, our attention turns to our home. We’re all prioritizing the creation

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Kitchen, designed by LUX decor

How to Start Your Home Renovation Project.

The pandemic created a well-publicized shortage of construction material and unprecedented delays in the supply chain, leading many people to get cold feet and postpone their home renovation projects. We are now seeing some of these issues slowly resolve and if you have been putting off your dream-reno, now may be the time to start

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How to Budget for Your Space

If you’re about to embark on a new design project, the planning phase can often be the most exciting part. While we encourage you to dream big, budget certainly plays a role. Math may not have been your favourite subject in school but taking the time to crunch the numbers and create a concrete plan

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Contemporary open wood shelving
How To

Tips on Styling the Perfect Bookshelf

Finding a cozy corner where you can sit down with a hot cup of tea and enjoy a moment with a good book is heaven. Due to the pandemic, we’re spending more time cooped up inside. Oftentimes, this time is spent dealing with the stress that comes with working remotely. At LUX decor, we value

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Modern office interior with painted grey wall and wood desk

Creating A Home Office

With many people working from home now, sometimes two+ people in a household, finding a special little spot to set up is more important than ever. An organized functional office will help you to be more focused, productive and enjoy your time spent working from home. It doesn’t necessarily mean a large room dedicated to this sole purpose. Sometimes there just aren’t enough rooms to do

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