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Creating A Home Office

With many people working from home now, sometimes two+ people in a household, finding a special little spot to set up is more important than ever. An organized functional office will help you to be more focused, productive and enjoy your time spent working from home. It doesn’t necessarily mean a large room dedicated to this sole purpose. Sometimes there just aren’t enough rooms to do that. Today we’re sharing some inspiring designs and design tips that will help you in creating a practical home office.

Modern office interior with painted grey wall and wood desk
Designed by LUX decor

Your dining room as an office 

First things first, if you do not have a dedicated office but do have a dining room that only gets used for those special occasions then put it to better use by turning it into a home office. The bonus about this is that you already have the large working space of a table so two people can easily set up here! Add some flowers, books, even a table lamp to attain more of an office-like. The very same thing can be done with your kitchen. Consider carving out a little nook where you can get your work done (just beware of all the extra snacking that’s bound to happen)!

Office, Normandy Project, Designed by LUX decor

You may occasionally move the extra chairs out of the room so it doesn’t look like a dining room anymore!

Integrate an office into an existing room 

Additionally, consider incorporating your home office into a pre-existing room to save on space! You can try to do this in a living room, dining room, large hallway, or even your bedroom. If you already have a little desk then great, and if not, then feel free to use any little table you’ve got. It is truly all about the styling. Layers of accessories ranging from the wall art to the vases, lamp, and seating area make this little home office a perfect and very inviting place to work.  Here are the suggestions for the desks for small apartments that can be used by both adults and kids too.

Office, Beaconsfield Project, Designed by LUX decor 

Adding a little working space to a kids bedroom 

A little working station for your kids is definitely convenient right now. All you need is a nice focal point like this gorgeous speckled wallpaper, a sleek desk/console, and a comfy chair. A painted accent wall would work too. Layer with some art and a pretty vase or jar for colouring pencils and you’re good to go! 

Bedroom, Beaconsfield Project, Designed by LUX Decor 

Turn a closet into an office. 

If you’re really looking to save on space and hide the mess of your workspace away from the rest of the world, you may want to consider transforming a closet into a perfect little at-home office.

Bedroom, Terrebonne Project, Designed by LUX decor

Having a full room to work in 

Finally, while the office-in-closet suggestion saves on space, some prefer to dedicate separate spaces for their home offices. This is very beneficial for those of us who like to keep our workspaces distinct from leisure areas. In this project, designed by LUX decor, the black metal glass doors let you see into this chic and stylish home office. The darker elements in this room give it a cozy feel, but feel free to make it more bright and fun by opting for lighter furnishings and pops of colour instead!

Living Room, Griffintown Project, Designed by LUX Decor 

We hope that we’ve inspired you to beautify your own little at-home office area. Feel free to share the ideas you’ve picked up and used in your own space, and if you haven’t yet– we wish you the best of luck in creating your home office!

As always, thank you for reading!

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