Fancy white chandelier over the bed inside the master bedroom

Step Inside a Designer’s Bedroom! An Exclusive Tour of Sun Ah’s Hideaway

Fancy white chandelier over the bed inside the master bedroom

This past holiday season, I welcomed you into my home for a festive decor overview. Notably missing from the tour was my bedroom — it’s time to change that!

It seems that there is no end in sight to this long winter season! My answer to dealing with the winter blues is making my space extra warm and inviting.

A little bit of backstory for you: the full redesign for my bedroom took place about  6 years ago.  But I continuously update the space by swapping out pieces like accessories, throw pillows, and curtains. That’s the beauty of curating your home; you can easily switch it up to match your shifting tastes by changing out your smaller pieces.

As for the general vibe of the room, I’d describe it as eclectic. I am all about mixing styles, materials, colours, and textures. What can I say? I love having a little bit of everything! My affinity for eclecticism presents itself in a lot of ways: traditional with contemporary elements, white and black pieces, gold and silver elements, natural fibres and glossy surfaces, the list goes on!

Modern master bedroom with a circular mirror decoration above the bed

I am a huge fan of the natural stools at the foot of the bed, which I bought from everyone’s favorite affordable department store, Target. I paired those with the high-gloss, clean white and gold nightstands by Bungalow 5 (my all-time favorite piece in the bedroom!). As you might be able to tell, not only do I like having a variety of styles going on at once, I also like using high-end and affordable pieces in tandem with each other.

White bedside table with a tall work lamp on it

I draw my inspiration from a variety of places. I love spending my free time browsing design accounts on Instagram, or going old school and flipping through magazines like House & HomeVeranda, and Maison et Demeure. My style is also heavily influenced by my travels. One of my favorite destinations is Tulum, Mexico — which you can see in my space with pieces like the Target stools, the starburst mirror above the bed, and the omni headboard. I challenge you to find your inspiration from unique places, too!

Array of pillows on a large bed

Let’s not forget the master bathroom! We are lucky enough to have an ensuite in our space, which I take full advantage of. I went for clean lines and a bright airy feel, as you can see with the abundance of white. I decided to invest in masonry elements — like the marble floor and the mosaic tiles along the bath. I am so happy I prioritized these elements, because it definitely takes the bathroom to the next level!

Bright white vanity inside a modern, clean bathroom
Bright white vanity inside a modern, clean bathroom

So, what’s next for me? In 2018, I’m going to take on the project of redesigning our family room/office/homework room. Notice I have trouble naming the space — that’s because it’s multi-use for multiple family members! It’ll be a big undertaking, but I’m ready for the challenge.

Shoes underneath a chair

As always, thank you for reading!

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