Our Tips & Tricks to Styling the Perfect Bookshelf

Finding a cozy corner to sit down with a hot cup of tea and enjoy a moment with a good book, is heaven.

However, creating that nook can be daunting, but so important. Have you ever considered re-vamping your bookshelf? In this blog, we’ll be exploring some fun design tips that will hopefully help you achieve the bookshelf of your dreams. 

Fun personal touches (picture frames, knick-knacks) – You know what they say, “you are what you read”! Adding a personal element to your bookshelf can make an unimaginative space so much more welcoming. Go for the obvious, a picture frame or treasured family belongings, maybe even a souvenir from before travelling was taboo. Go for anything that speaks to you- it’s also a good place to display some personal collections.

Who says bookshelves are exclusively for books? They were once thought to be part of a person’s personal life, but now that we’re opening up our lives to so many people via zoom video meetings, conferences etc. we have to make sure our bookshelves are looking as presentable as possible. Adding attractive touches such as artwork and decorative vases can provide great interest to your shelves. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, these items can be coordinated by color or shape, or not!  

There’s nothing like a plant to liven up a dreary bookshelf, and as we’re spending so much time inside, many of us have tried to bring the outside in but are having trouble fitting all our leafy friends in our homes. This is where additional space in your bookcase is convenient. Make sure to choose plants that are well adjusted to the lighting and are in pots that won’t leak and ruin your books. Also, save yourself some effort by placing them in a location in your shelf that is easily accessible for watering. 

Bookends! – not only do they serve as functional pieces that will support your books and keep your space organized, but they can also be very attractive statement pieces on their own. Bookends come in all shapes and sizes and can easily make your bookshelf ten times nicer looking. They can be made from many different materials, can be carved or painted… the choices are limitless. Check out your local antique stores for great bookend finds!

Photo via Studio McGee

We hope you’ve managed to snap an idea or two and wish you luck on your design endeavors! If you are looking for more tips on designing your bookshelf, you can read our IKEA Hacks, Bookshelf Edition blog post.

So… why now?

So, if you have been hesitating to embark on a renovation project, now may be the time to get started. While supply chains are opening up, it may still take several months from the planning phase to the beginning of construction. Recently we have seen a decrease in renos as people have become discouraged by the high prices and long delays. Taking advantage of this slightly quieter moment will help you get ahead of the curve. What are you waiting for, contact a designer!

Thanks for reading!

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