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4 Tips For Your Post-Holiday Decluttering Session

Long dining room table with white flowers in the middle
Long dining room table with white flowers in the middle

As the holiday season is coming to a close, it’s time to set our sights on our 2018 home goals. Why is it that the season of giving always fills our homes with more things, anyhow?

While December is filled with gift-giving and generosity, we tend to get so busy that we have no available time to catch our breath — let alone to tidy and declutter!

Let’s start fresh in the New Year: here are Lux Decor’s top tips for decluttering your post-holiday space.

Celebrate the New Year with Oosouji

Adopt Oosouji as your New Year tradition. It’s an annual Japanese ritual that means “big cleaning” and refers to the purging of clutter, scrubbing of dirt, and brushing off the dust of times past.

Treat the New Year as your time to prep your home for the year to come. With a blank canvas you can get ultimate inspiration for your 2018 decor plans! What will it be: a facelift on your bedroom? Perhaps the living room? (Can’t decide? Check out this post!)

One comes in, two goes out

Especially during the holiday season, it may feel like new items are pouring into your home at an alarming rate. Even more “alarming”, you may want to keep these items (the in-laws finally gifted you something other than socks this year)!

As you bring new pieces into your home, make it a rule to discard two items for every one item coming in. This process can also double as giving back to your community. There are several places to donate your items in and around Montreal, including charitable organizations such as: Chez Doris, Sun Youth, and Renaissance. The season of giving doesn’t end after December 25th!  

Organize before you stash away

We know how tempting it is to stuff all of your old holiday decorations, clothing items, dishware, and other holiday-themed items into the deepest, darkest crevice of your home — only to be seen again in 350 days.

It’s important that you take the time to sort through your holiday pieces before your store them away. Do you really need 3 different tree toppers, anyway? Choose your favorite and toss (or donate!) the rest. If you can’t decide on what goes or what stays, make an event of it have a family vote.

Make sure everything has a place

Once you’ve cleansed, decluttered, and prepped your home with the help of Cleaning services Toronto for the New Year, consider taking your space to the next level with double-duty furniture pieces.

Perfect for any living room; this coffee table can store your kid’s toys, throw blankets, and other trinkets that you have lying out in the open.

Extendable wooden coffee table

Add extra storage to your dining space with this warm, elegant sideboard. Varied shelving sizes ensure that you have extra room for those pesky items that don’t seem to fit anywhere.

Modern shelf
Modern shelf

What better season to turn a new leaf than the New Year? We hope our decluttering tips brings you a step further to your ideal home.

As always, thank you for reading!

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