The LUX Guide to Starting Your Home Gym

If you’ve ever been interested in assembling your very own at-home gym, but are feeling a little lost, today’s blog is just the one for you! We will be going over some easy, yet insightful, design tips for creating your ideal home gym.

Multiple torturous months (and a solid ten pounds) later, gyms are finally re-opening! While we couldn’t be happier, we’re well aware that we’re still living in unprecedented times, and after multiple waves of business shutdowns, the interest in home gyms has spiked dramatically. 

To start, you’ll need to find a place to set up your workout studio. We suggest the obvious— an unused corner in the basement, or perhaps if you have the luxury maybe even an extra room in the house. Understand that regardless of the space available, you can find a way to make it work. 

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When we were informed that the gyms were closing again in the fall, we knew it was time to give our exercise space a makeover. The hard wood floors were not ideal for working out, as they tend to be slippery, and so the first thing we purchased was a mat and it has made all the difference. The mat is heavy enough not to slip and absorbs shock extremely well. 

Some people prefer the feeling they get from jogging outside, but the -20 climate of our frigid Montreal winters isn’t exactly encouraging. If you’re fully committed to the idea of a decked-out home gym, consider splurging on a stationary cardio machine like an elliptical, a treadmill, or even a peloton bike

Before the pandemic, I spent a lot of time at the gym—it was a temporary escape from the stressors of my life. Your home gym can become your own sanctuary, as the word gym is not synonymous with drab and boring. Try for brighter, more uplifting wall colors and good lighting! For paint finishes, I would suggest going with a pearl, or at least an egg-shell finish, as a lot of routines include wall work, and they will be more durable. 

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To avoid injury, proper form is vital—and how do we check for good form? Mirrors! If the budget allows, go for a large mirror wall. They are great decorative elements, and can make a claustrophobic at home gym space, like a basement or storage room, feel a lot more open. 

This next interior design tip isn’t absolutely necessary, but if you have the means, consider either integrating a built-in stereo system of sorts or purchasing a good speaker. We’re missing that aspect of in-person motivation from out workout buddy or our fitness instructor, so music is the next best thing.  

We briefly touched on the incorporation of cardio machines, but make sure you leave some room in the budget to purchase basic gym equipment like dumbbells, weights, resistance bands etc. Being able to do some maintenance at home, even after the pandemic, will be very beneficial. 

Photo via Studio McGee

We hope you were able to pick up some helpful interior design tips and wish you a smooth transition back into the gym!

So… why now?

So, if you have been hesitating to embark on a renovation project, now may be the time to get started. While supply chains are opening up, it may still take several months from the planning phase to the beginning of construction. Recently we have seen a decrease in renos as people have become discouraged by the high prices and long delays. Taking advantage of this slightly quieter moment will help you get ahead of the curve. What are you waiting for, contact a designer!

Thanks for reading!

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