Our Design Tips on Creating Quiet Spaces

Stress management can be a big task, especially when we feel like that stress follows us around and occupies our thoughts during down time. In this blog we’ll be sharing our design tips for creating a quiet space, a refuge from your daily stress. A place to read a book, or work in peace, away from the demands of your life. 

Have you ever dreamed of working in your bathing suit?  Check out this pool house, which now doubles as a home office! Equipped with wall heating and D.I.Y. vinyl wood flooring, this space is ideal for working in colder weather or drying up after a swim. The addition of a sanded, white-washed desk and the charming Masonite boards, painted in Benjamin Moore’s OC-26, make this space feel like an extension of the house. The entire office was refinished with Balboa Mist, giving it a contemporary and Zen atmosphere. And on top of all this, it is wi-fi equipped! If you are interested in finding out more tips for designing your own home office, make sure to read our Creating a Home Office blog!

If you are working with limited options for creating a quiet space, try to convert an area in your home that you don’t frequently use. Perhaps you have an attic that could use a makeover, or a guest bedroom that doesn’t bed any guests. Perhaps consider giving your living room a re-do. Assess the livability of your furniture, improve the lighting to create an optional reading-nook and look into purchasing some new pillows for additional back support. Try adding a basket for blankets, as well as storage space to keep clutter minimal. Choose a calming color palette for the room and add personal design elements that will make the space as relaxing as possible.  

Over the last year, many of us have found getting outside for some fresh air to be the only escape from our busy at-home workdays. If you’re craving some quality time in the great outdoors but don’t want to venture too far away from your home, think about upgrading your garden. Look for some comfortable furniture that’ll make the space both relaxing and functional.

Photo via Studio McGee

There are tons of options for creating shade to protect you from the hot sun, including a standing umbrella, a pergola or an awning. Quick reminder: Gardens aren’t just for the summertime. Throw in some blankets, lighting and maybe even a heat lamp and you’re good to go well into the fall!

Photo via Studio McGee

Family is everything, but when one of your kids is doing schoolwork at the kitchen counter and the other’s blasting music in the living room, it’s only natural to want to escape. The master bedroom can easily serve as a refuge from all of that; add some comfortable seating, maybe even a coffee-table or an ottoman to rest your feet on. Keep a healthy stock of books, some fresh flowers in a vase and consider a hefty lock on the bedroom door. But don’t forget to make the bed!

And finally, for a bit of an unorthodox suggestion, transform the bathroom, one of the spaces you visit every day, into a tranquil oasis. Add scented candles, may we suggest lavender for relaxation, as well as spa quality towels. An assortment of jars can hold cotton balls, bath balms and loofahs. A beautiful bathmat and bath caddy will help create a space where you can retreat for an hour or two. 

Sometimes a little quiet can be the greatest form of self-care! We hope you managed to pick up an interior design tip or two and feel inspired to prioritize yourself and your inner peace. Namaste. 

So… why now?

So, if you have been hesitating to embark on a renovation project, now may be the time to get started. While supply chains are opening up, it may still take several months from the planning phase to the beginning of construction. Recently we have seen a decrease in renos as people have become discouraged by the high prices and long delays. Taking advantage of this slightly quieter moment will help you get ahead of the curve. What are you waiting for, contact a designer!

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