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Current Bathroom Trends

Bathroom design trends are always changing. For example, his and hers sinks, which were all the rage in the 90s, are not all as popular as they once were. However, while some trends are really worth the investment, incorporating a few classic elements will ensure that your bathroom remains current over time. In this next blog, we will be discussing LUX decor’s favourite bathroom design trends, that we hope will stick around!

Bathroom, Boisbriand project, designed by LUX decor

Marble Magic

A perfect example is the use of marble tiles, which is always a timeless choice that pairs well with so many different finishes and styles. While marble tile may require a slightly bigger investment, it will definitely pay off over time. Note the quiet elegance in the bathroom below, even when different patterns are combined. We’re very excited to continue to see marble incorporated into bathrooms, as we believe that it is an absolute classic!

Bathroom, Pinetree Crescent project, designed by LUX decor

Brass Finishes Baby

We are all super thrilled to see that brass finishes are back and hope that they’re here to stay. Not only is brass super chic, but it adds an incredible warmth and lived-in look to a space. Brass works well with so many other shades and will add some colour to a simple palette, like in this bathroom pictured here. Don’t underestimate brass’ ability to transform a bathroom!

Bathroom, Boisbriand project, designed by LUX decor

Bring the Outdoors In!

While the sleek, cool bathroom style is a beloved classic, adding a more rustic component is a big look at the moment. Wood and other natural elements help us feel more grounded and bring a natural vibe to the space. During this time of social isolation, we are all encouraged to spend more time outdoors, so why not bring some of the outside in, as seen in the bathroom below. 

Bathroom, Vaudreuil Dorion project, designed by LUX decor

Avoid a Clutter-Catastrophe

Just the word clutter makes our chests feel tight. Given the fact that we’re currently spending so much time at home, the bathroom has become a bit of a sanctuary. Keeping it uncluttered will allow it to feel more like a mini-spa—somewhere to escape to— and less like any other room. Many of us are jewelry lovers who enjoy accessorizing in front of our bathroom mirrors. However, this can result in a vanity overflowing with tangled necklaces, dangly earrings, etc., some of which inevitably end up washed down the drain. If you resonate with this, we recommend purchasing some small bathroom item trays to help keep your space organized. Additionally, consider purchasing a vanity that you a) love, and b) offers tons of storage!

Bathroom, Boisbriand project, designed by LUX decor

The Underappreciated Floating Vanity

Speaking of vanities, if you’ve gained your Covid-19 (pounds, that is) a floating vanity will make you feel a lot lighter. Appropriate for any style of bathroom, floating vanities are not only stylish and functional but make bathroom maintenance a breeze. How great is this design from Patterson Custom Homes?

Bathroom, Léry project, designed by LUX decor

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover!

Your bathroom looking a little drab? What better way to liven up the space than to hang some artwork on the walls? There’s no right or wrong way to choose your bathroom art. Find something that suits your personal style and makes you happy– you might even choose to display your own art! Just because the bathroom is primarily a functional space, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some life to the room. Besides, a hot tub is a great place to appreciate some fine art. 

Powder room, Brunet project, designed by LUX decor

Time for a (Deep) Soak

Speaking of tubs (and who isn’t) there’s no better way to escape our daily stress than to take a long soak in a deep tub. If you’re someone who enjoys bathing, then a deep soaking tub is a must-have because they are heavenly. We’re starting to see these everywhere, and we’re definitely not complaining! Toss in a scented bath bomb, a good book and you’re all set!

Bathroom, Beaconsfield North project, designed by LUX decor

Let’s Talk about Tiles

Experiencing wanderlust? Bring the world to your bathroom through your choice of decorative tiles, one of the oldest art forms, now most popular in a larger format. Large tiles help achieve a sleek, clean design, and contrary to smaller ones, they will save time on cleaning. With so many different colours, you can create a dream destination. 

Bathroom, Sherwood project, designed by LUX decor

Well folks, that’s a wrap on our current bathroom design trends! We hope you managed to pick up a tip or two on how to make your bathroom as beautiful as ever. Now go treat yourself to a nice, long soak!

As always, thank you for reading!

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