Cozy living room with a stone wall

Crypton/Performance fabrics

Many of you have probably always dreamt of having that light coloured sofa or accent chair but ended up with a dark brown or charcoal one instead by fear your kids or pets will just ruin them. We’re here to put your minds at ease, and tell you that you will never have to sacrifice the beauty of your space for function again.

Cozy sitting area \leading to the backyard

What if we told you there now exists an extensive line of fabrics that are moisture, stain, and odour resistant? I know, right? Of course, we have tons of them at LUX decor since we love the look of airy and bright upholstery,  without compromise.

Front entrance leading to a modern living room

As too many of us know, furniture is not the only thing that can get soiled by our beloved friends. The famous entryway rug is perhaps the thing that can get dirty the most easily and quickly. Luckily, we’ve got that covered too with stain resistant, made-to-measure better than sisal area rugs!

Modern living room with a television on the stone fi

In the past months we’ve welcomed new technologies such as Crypton® and performance fabrics. They’re easy to clean fabrics that are both soft and durable and also provide an integrated moisture barrier. “Oh well that seems an awful lot like Scotchgard™”  – absolutely not! These new technologies are actually Eco Friendly! They don’t have any plasticizers, pvc, flame retardants, or harmful chemicals.

Check out this video we put together and watch the magic of a treated fabric do its work!

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