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A Chic Downtown Pied-A-Terre

When it comes to a small space, every piece of furniture needs to be treated like a jewel: there’s little room for error with limited space, and you need to make everything pop. When we were tasked to create a Pied-A-Terre for Jennifer, we jumped at the opportunity.

Jennifer splits her time between Hudson and downtown and recently purchased an investment property in the city. She wanted a space for her to relax and unwind — a place to stay when she wanted to minimize her commute from home into the city for work, or to camp out after a hockey game. Stylistically, she wanted a subtle, modern chic boutique with a few dashes of urban flair, accurately representing her foot in the city. We opted to focus on gorgeous textures and sleek finishes to unearth the modern feel she was looking for.

We loved the results of Jennifer’s new urban hideout – take a peek at the pics to learn about our inspirations.

Living Room, Ville Marie Project, Designed by LUX decor

A beautiful view of the city from every angle, offering ample light.  

Dining Room, Ville Marie Project, Designed by LUX decor

This view of the island and dining room show how every piece was carefully curated. Understated, but polished at the same time.  The mixed metals really make a statement. The functional island with seating in a luxurious fabric make this space come together.

Living Room, Ville Marie Project, Designed by LUX decor

Jennifer sits on her sofa in her living room, and is able to enjoy the view, as well as the very clean aesthetic of her space.  Her new condo really matches her style.  

Office desk, Ville Marie Project, Designed by LUX decor

The office with a pull-out bed is what we mean about functionality in a small space. This room is now used far more used with its dual purpose! 

Entrance, Ville Marie Project, Designed by LUX decor

The hallway is tiny, as it is in most condos. This floating shelf is just big enough to store keys and mail, but also goes with the vibe of the condo.  Creativity is needed in small spaces.

Bedroom, Ville Marie Project, Designed by LUX decor

The bedroom is maximized with the height of the ceilings, using a beautiful Vanguard bed, as well as nightstands that double as excellent storage space. 

If you’re inspired to create a Pied-A-Terre of your own — keep in mind a few of these key tips:

  • Shop for furniture that’s specifically designed for condos; it’s like shopping in the petite section of the store
  • And more about the scale: the scale of the furniture within the space needs to be executed perfectly. This takes plenty of planning, shopping and measuring (but we can help you!)
  • Maximize your storage space with spaces that are equally as stylish as they are functional: trunks, the floating shelf that is customized but has a function,  baskets, sideboards, instead of consoles, shelves, and drawers to tuck items away.
  • Make your view shine and frame the window with drapes hung extra high to give the illusion of higher ceilings.   

As always, thank you for reading!

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Photo credits: Angela Auclair