Kitchen Trends

Now that we’re all spending so much time in the kitchen, whether that be baking banana bread or meal prepping because we’re all eating out less, I’m sure you’ve been looking at ways to revamp your space. Today we’ll be checking out some of the latest kitchen design trends, hopefully you’ll find something that interests you! 

We can’t get enough of our kitchen islands and peninsulas, especially the one pictured above; this multifunctional space is ideal in any kitchen. Islands and peninsulas offer so much extra area to be used for cooking or even hosting meals and are ridiculously stylish and sleek. If you have enough room in your kitchen, we definitely recommend incorporating one.  

As if the 30 000 Starbucks locations worldwide weren’t already enough, the idea of incorporating a coffee bar into the kitchen has become quite popular over the last few years. All jokes aside, there’s nothing quite like a hot, well-prepared cup of coffee in the morning, and nothing cozier and more convenient than your own at-home coffee nook. A great example of a design we’re totally in love with is this stunning, all-white Lisa Robazza coffee station. Make sure to stock up on milk and sugar and you’ll be all set! 

A perfect blend of natural elements, a warm color palette, what’s not to love about this kitchen? Timeless in their beauty, hard wood floors will really help make your kitchen feel tidier and more attractive. Wood floors will be softer underfoot than most ceramic or stone tiles, a bonus if you’re an avid cook. They are incredibly easy to clean and take care of, and are extremely durable, making them the ideal addition to your kitchen. The addition of a runner is a must.  

The warmer tones will help make your space feel super inviting and given that our kitchens are often used for entertaining, it is important to go with a color palette that will make guests feel welcome. While the kitchen needs to be your home workhorse, don’t forget that it can also be a beautiful and stylish space.  

Dining room table with plants in the center
(Designed by Park Place Estates in collaboration with LUX Decor) 

If you’re a social person and enjoy feeling more connected to your family, you should seriously consider an open concept kitchen, like this one. Being able to meal-prep and simultaneously watch a movie that the rest of the family are enjoying in the living room is such a privilege.     

Now that you’ve figured out the floorplan and overall look of your kitchen, backsplashes are going to be the final touch. Not only are they super stylish and customizable but will also protect your kitchen walls from nasty food stains. You can choose from so many different motifs and materials, ranging from the clean look of a stainless-steel finish to wood or a huge variety of tiles. They add such a personal touch to your kitchen. Here’s a perfect example of a backsplash we love. This stone slab is both clean and elegant and really pulls the design elements together!   

A personal favourite of mine would have to be the panel ready appliances trend, which so many people have eagerly adapted into their kitchens to create a uniform look amongst their cabinets.  

I’d say that this kitchen trend is well worth the extra costs, as it provides such a sophisticated, put-together look. If you’re interested in a panelled look, make sure to discuss this early on with your kitchen designer and cabinetmaker.  

We cannot get enough of this kitchen! The contrast between the light walls and countertops paired with the dark cabinets and window frame is totally eye-catching. The marbled countertop is an absolute classic. The kitchen has an uncluttered feel and the open shelving and amazing window make the room feel large and airy. The dramatic branches, pots and brass accents really tie this kitchen together. What a space for entertaining!  

Whereas, the stove hood used to be a simple tool for removing unwanted odours and steam, it has now become a total statement piece. Whether you’re looking for a modern and sleek design, like the one above, or prefer a more traditional or farmhouse inspired look, there is an amazing variety available. Make sure to select a hood that will compliment your kitchen’s aesthetic, but allow yourself to have fun with it  

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